Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.
We have invested significant effort into ensuring that the files associated with our Counter-Strike 1.6 version are secure and free from any malicious elements.
Our commitment is to provide you with a gaming environment that is not only thrilling but also safe.

Within our own gaming ecosystem, we meticulously curate and maintain our files to guarantee that your gaming sessions are free from any potential threats.
Our dedicated team continuously monitors and updates the game to fortify its security features, ensuring a seamless and protected experience for all players.

However, it's essential to note that, despite our best efforts, we cannot extend our protective measures beyond our proprietary servers.
When you choose to explore third-party public internet servers, you do so at your own discretion and risk.
While many gaming communities uphold similar standards, the internet landscape is vast and diverse, encompassing servers with varying degrees of security measures.

We strongly advise exercising caution and diligence when venturing into third-party servers.
Be aware that the security protocols and safety standards of these servers may differ from ours.
Your safety is paramount, and we encourage you to be mindful of the potential risks associated with external servers.

In summary, while we do our utmost to secure your gaming experience within our Counter-Strike 1.6 version, we cannot guarantee the same level of protection when you opt to explore third-party servers.
Your decision to join these servers is entirely voluntary, and we recommend approaching such choices with a discerning eye for your own safety and enjoyment.
Happy gaming!